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Friday, May 25, 2007

Useful Animals

Pets are useful animals that keep the people like children and the elderly to be happy. They provide a business revenue for the breeders as well.

Animals have so much to offer to us, the humans. From the sea and the land, both all animals are of uses to mankind. In the sea, we have the whales, the sharks, sea urchins, turtles and many more. The whales are known to be helpful to man in the manufacture of perfumes, the sharks is useful in providing people with delicious sharks' fins, the sea urchins provides beautiful ornamental shells which can make into many collectibles and useful items such as jewelleries containers. The turtles are eaten for their meat. They are known to be delicious and are nutritious.

On land, we have many useful animals too. The cows give us milk and beef. The goat gives us milk and mutton as well. The buffaloes, camels, horses and donkeys are helpful to men as they help us to do work. The buffaloes help farmers to plough the field, the horses and camels help to carry men from one place to another. The donkeys also serve the purpose of transporting people in addition to carrying goods for their owners. Besides these, the horse is also important in the entertainment industry -- as in horse-racing and horse riding. In some zoos of the world, donkeys are used to carry small children as part of their tourist attraction. The horns of the deers are useful too. They have medicinal values.

Exotic animals are often capture and eaten by humans too. Humans also eat all kinds of animals like the rabbits, rats, monkeys, snakes, opossums, and even dogs. The fur and leather of these animals are used for many purposes as well -- making handbags, rugs, coat for women, hats, and so on. Examples of most commonly seek after fur of animals are that of tigers, leopards, and that of leather includes crocodiles, and animals such as cows. The tooth of the elephants, the tusks, is commonly sought after for ornamental values too. There are just too many useful animals around.

The group of birds is an important family that is of economical importance to us. Besides providing us with meat, the Chickens, ducks and turkeys also give us feathers and eggs. Feathers can be used to make comfortable pillows. Eggs, which are known to be nutritious, are being eaten and used to make various delicious food like cakes, pastry etc. Without eggs, a lot of nice food would not taste the same. Eggs come in various sizes and the biggest eggs come from the Emu and Ostriches. Ostriches and Emu look alike and are of the same economical values. Their eggs are very big, and hard. They are often carved into beautiful ornamentals whom collectors love.

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